Hairy knuckles

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Mid-digital hair: The myth Ring finger with mid-digital hair. Some people have hair on the back of the middle segment of some fingers. Individuals with hair on the middle segment of at least one finger are considered to have the trait mid-digital hair H ; other people have no mid-digital hair N.
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We have internal organs for instance and looking after these surely cannot have any major impact on the limbs or on the hair? So someone could have a bad diet for instance then and still have perfectly healthy skin and there would be no way for anyone to tell whether we smoked or not by looking at our fingers? Well actually no, while this is a widely held belief it is in fact a fallacy that fails to understand the holistic nature of the body — and any health expert or doctor will tell you that looking at your eyes, your hair, your skin or your teeth can tell you a huge amount about your internal organs, your lifestyle and your general health. You see the body is designed in an ingenious way that means it operates as an interdependent network. Here we will take the hands as an example and show you how your hands betray your health and lifestyle habits. This will remind you just how important it is that you look after your general health, and also allow you to play Sherlock Holmes and learn about the health of your friends and family by looking at their hands.
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But while the people around you probably won't even notice those few stray hairs, if you're feeling self-conscious, you can easily get rid of them. Removing those pesky finger hairs is much like defuzzing any part of the body. You just need to determine the ideal removal method for you. Quick and Painless Most people already own a razor, which works as an easy, inexpensive and painless ways to be rid of unwanted hair. Just wet your fingers and lather them up with shaving gel before using a razor -- this will prevent red bumps.
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Description[ edit ] In humans, hair is commonly present on all the basal segments of the digits and invariably absent from all the terminal ones. On the middle segments, there is wide fluctuation with apparent familial and racial tendencies. Hair is present on the middle segment of the fingers more frequently than on the middle segment of the toes. Hair is most often found on the middle segment of the fourth finger.

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