What are opposable thumbs

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Gene enhancer in evolution of human opposable thumb Reported in Sept. This study is the first to provide evidence of the existence of human-specific gene enhancers, which are switches near genes in the human genome. Shyam Prabhakar, first author of the paper and Senior Research Scientist at the Genome Institute of Singapore GIS , said, "Opposable thumbs, manual dexterity and ankle or foot adaptations for walking on two legs are hallmarks of our species. We think we may have discovered one of the pieces of the genome that encodes some of these definitive human traits. The opposability of the human thumb is its unique ability to swing toward the palm and oppose the other four fingers to provide a tighter and more precise grip on objects. The surprising complexity and abundance of enhancers, which turn on genes in the appropriate cells, have only recently been appreciated.
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List of Animals with Opposable Thumbs You Have to See to Believe

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Why Are Opposable Thumbs Important?

Studies have revealed that great apes share 97 percent of their DNA, which explains the similarities they share with us humans. The anatomy of their hands, for instance, bears a striking resemblance to that of our hands. All have four long fingers plus an opposable thumb. Furthermore, all except for humans have opposable big toes as well. Like us, all these species use their hands to hold tools, climb trees, move from one tree to another, gather food, build a dwelling place, and all this is achieved, despite the fact that they are quadrupedal, i.
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opposable thumb

Corrina Lawson Corrina Lawson I always realized at an intellectual level they're necessary for daily living. The cast was put on two weeks ago to give damaged ligaments rest and time to heal. I thought I'd be all right since the fingers of my right hand were left free.
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Benefits of opposable thumbs What do opposable thumbs do? At first glance, thumbs do not seem to carry any significance. As compared to its more beautiful, longer counterparts, thumbs seem to be quite insignificant.

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