Fish lying on side at bottom of tank

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Make sure you examine the pond with our PondCrisis programme to see if there's anything amiss in your pond. Koi setting on the bottom normally occurs when nitrogen is accumulating in the system, in the form of Ammonia, Nitrite or Nitrate. Test your pond water now! Water tests recommended first.
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What Causes a Betta to Lay on Its Side?

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Help! My goldfish is laying on the bottom of the tank & not eating

Sounds like bloat, usually from a bad bacterial infection, which also makes fish not eat. If the fish is already lying on it's side like this, It will probably be dead by morning. I recently had a long fight with anchor worms, which I won, though not without a few casualties. One of which was a gold tetra that died of secondary bacterial infections. It wouldn't respond to medication, and after a few days of not eating it simply laid on the bottom breathing heavily, and was dead by morning. I have two Yo Yo loaches that love eating like pigs, then laying on their sides and watching the other fish eat. Or better yet move the fish to a quarantine tank for treatment.
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My fish is laying on the bottom of the tank still breathing

WhatsApp 21 Shares When fish are sick, they deviate from their normal behavior like every other living being on being sick. You can sense their sickness by a close observation of their aberration from their routine behavior. Fish tend to lose their appetite, become lethargic, restless and even indulge in aggressive fighting and scratching against stones and decorative objects in water tank. You should take care in every possible way to ensure that your fish remains healthy and fit. This may range from providing proper hygiene and medication to best quality tank water and environment conditions.
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Hello and welcome!! The way we help people here is by asking a LOT of questions and trying to get as much information as we can so we can give you the right answers Do you know what kind of fish the other fish are? If the other fish can handle it, mollies like a little aqaurium salt in their water so that might help.

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