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He has seen what the witches predicted come true and now seeks to prevent what they said about Banquo. They said that although Banquo would not be a king himself, his progeny would be kings. Macbeth figures that if he can kill Banquo, he will end the worry of the witches' prediction. The fascinating part of this play is that although Macbeth receives the prophecy of the witches at first with skepticism, once the first prediction comes true, he decides that he should help the next part of the prophecy along. But Macbeth doesn't foresee the rest of the prophecy about Banquo's heirs becoming kings until after he has murdered Duncan!
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In Macbeth the analysis of this quote would be? ...?

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This has improved every aspect of sex for both of us. We have very open communication about sex and what each of us is comfortable with or interested in. The second change that allowed me to enjoy oral sex was letting go of what I thought it had to be like. Talking about it with my partner, we discovered that neither of us want fellatio to be a repetitive mechanical motion with a goal of orgasm.
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Rampant Sexuality and the Consumption of Progeny in Representations of the Female Vampire in Literature Joanna Shearer, Nevada State College This paper seeks to examine representations of female vampires in literature and the ways in which they transgress societal notions of appropriate behavior in order to show that, when women become predators, all of humanity becomes prey, and for this reason, they must die in order to save us all. The common double standard regarding male and female expressions of sexual desire exists even in fictive spaces. When imagining the male vampire, the recognition of him as a predator is often overshadowed by his dark sexiness, and his appetite for flesh is seen as one more manifestation of his superior masculinity. Indeed, women are consumed by him in more than one way, and they cannot seem to get enough of his tortured, immortal pain. On the other hand, female vampires present a problem for patriarchal society because they have all of the predatory aspects of the male vampire, while also possessing bodies that have been transformed from life-giving vessels into life-consuming ones.
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