Nomenclature radio amateur

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Frequency Nomenclature (.PDF Download)

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Radio Terms and Abbreviations

The reduction in strength of a radio signal due to refraction in the ionosphere. A physically short or small antenna with a high gain preamplifier; designed for use indoors or in limited space areas. A circuit that eliminates unwanted audio frequencies from the audio output of a receiver. The information in a packet specifying the intended receiving station. A radio station aboard an airplane or a ground station that communicates with aircraft. Abbreviation for automatic gain control. A modulation technique that varies the power output of a transmitter in accordance with the variations in the modulating audio signal.
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PART 5 All radios are made up of some rather standard blocks we use over and over, we have filters, amplifiers, mixers, that is is, no rocket surgery required. A product detector is not someone searching for a product to buy, its just a mixer, a beat frequency oscillator is nothing more than an amplifier with positive feedback to make it go bonkers in a controlled manner and filters, well they just filter out the crap we do not want. Sure this is an over simplification, but it is near enough to being the truth. I know for myself, once i got my head around the nomenclature of radio and started to see things for what they really are, that things started to make sense to me.
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