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Meet This Newly Discovered Flying Squirrel

The Humboldt's flying squirrel was formerly considered conspecific, but was found to be a cryptic species , and now considered distinct. They are generally smaller and darker than northern flying squirrels. Two subspecies are found in the southern Appalachians , the Carolina northern flying squirrel, G. Fish and Wildlife Service put the northern flying squirrel back under protection on June 6, Description[ edit ] These nocturnal, arboreal rodents have thick light brown or cinnamon fur on their upper body and greyish fur on the flanks and whitish fur underneath. They have large eyes and a flat tail.
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Flying Squirrels

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The newly described Humboldt's flying squirrel Glaucomys oregonensis is found in forested habitats along the Pacific coast of North America, from southern British Columbia to southern California. Its range overlaps that of the northern flying squirrel G. When they leap at a target tree, they spread their body into a square a design some BASE jumpers have copied and cover as much feet in a single glide with great accuracy. They use their broad, fluffy tails for steering and braking, slowing down before hitting a target tree.

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