Median raphe cyst of the penis

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Median raphe cyst is a very rare, benign congenital lesion occurring mainly on the ventral aspect of the penis, but can develop anywhere in the midline between the external urethral meatus and anus. It is most common near the glans penis. They are thought to arise as a result of defective embryological closure of the median raphe, but some may result from the anomalous outgrowth of the entodermal urethral lining urethroid cyst. Median raphe cyst may be formed as a result of local trauma or secondary infection. Gross presentation: These cysts are usually less than 1 cm in diameter.
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Dermatology Online Journal

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Cyst on Penis: Identification, Causes, Treatment, and More

Optimal Therapeutic Approach for this Disease When treatment is required, surgical excision followed by primary closure is the treatment of choice. This procedure can be performed under local, spinal, or general anesthesia, depending on the patient and size of the lesion. If clinical infection is present, excision should be postponed until after successful treatment of the infection. The recurrence rate following surgical excision is extremely low.
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Median Raphe Cysts of the Penis

Due to an alteration in morphogenesis, in the process of melting genitourethral folds and urethral plate. Usually they are asymptomatic and present as translucent neoplasms features. The case of a pediatric patient treated with surgical removal is presented. A review of the clinical presentation, pathophysiology, and treatment options is done. Key words:
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Deepak Ghimire 2 Comments Median raphe cyst of the penis is an uncommon benign congenital cyst that can be seen anywhere between the tip of the penis and the anus. It can develop at any site along the ventral midline between the urethral meatus and the anus, but most commonly seen near the glans and the shaft of penis. It is thought that Median raphe cyst is the result of embryologic developmental defects of the male urethra that can either be abnormal closing of the median raphe or abnormal separation of the urethral epithelium during development. Most of the cases of Median raphe cyst may go unnoticed during childhood and may progress or enlarge slowly to become prominent and symptomatic during adulthood. Cyst may sometimes suddenly appear after infection staphylococcal or gonococcal infections or mild trauma to the penis in few cases after vigorous sex.

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