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Up until then Freud infamously held that all human action is based on the sexual drives the libido or Eros and the pleasure principle of perusing pleasure while avoiding pain. In "Beyond the Pleasure Principle" Freud suggested that man is also governed by a competing instinctual drive: It was the horrors of World War 1 which led Freud to hold that inside all of us lies a force which is aggressive, violent and also self- destructive. Life and death, Freud realized, are two sides of the same coin and therefore their mutual interaction is at the very core of human existence. Freud moves from clinical evidence to support his theory to speculation. He identifies four such cases:
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Pleasure Principle | Definition of Pleasure Principle by Merriam-Webster

Psychosocial Psychology In Freud's psychoanalytic theory of personality, the pleasure principle is the driving force of the id that seeks immediate gratification of all needs, wants and urges. In other words, the pleasure principle strives to fulfill our most basic and primitive urges, including hunger, thirst, anger, and sex. When these needs are not met, the result is a state of anxiety or tension. Sometimes referred to as the pleasure-pain principle, this motivating force helps drive behavior but it also wants instant satisfaction.
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pleasure principle

Serious people learn to mistrust and even to revile it. The word wears spandex, pasties, a leisure suit studded with blinking lights. It gives off a whiff of Coppertone and dripping Creamsicle, the fake-butter miasma of a movie-house lobby, of karaoke and Jagermeister, Jerry Bruckheimer movies, a "Street Fighter" machine grunting solipsistically in a corner of an ice-rink arcade. Entertainment trades in cliche and product placement. It engages regions of the brain far from the centers of discernment, critical thinking, ontological speculation.
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Related to pleasure principle: In bioethics some important principles are beneficence , justice , nonmaleficence , and respect for autonomy ; these are derived in part from professional roles and traditions. Bobath p's a type of neurophysiological rehabilitation; see bobath method.

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